Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers.

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Encounter God & find yourself on this 2 day camping wilderness coastal walk with Tasmanian author & photographer Tim Crawshaw in the Bay of Fires area in Tasmania.

 God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are real.

I don’t Just believe it, I know it. I’ve been blessed with many supernatural experiences in my life.

Now my purpose is to help you come closer to god and experience his presence which is more amazing and powerful than anything that the physical world can offer.

You might be wanting to experience God for the first time or you might already be well on your way on your spiritual journey with him.

Wherever you are at spiritually, I want to invite you to the Bay of Fires walk for Spiritual Seekers in Tasmania, Australia.

This anointed ground is truly a place where heaven meets earth. I would describe it as a direct entry point into the kingdom of heaven for those who can perceive it.

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he walk is 2 days in duration with a one night camp stop, The first day is approximately 12 kilometres and departs from the stumpy’s bay campsite in Mt William National Park. The second day is 8 Kilometres with a possible extension depending how you are feeling. The pickup/end point is the Eddystone Point Lighthouse. Participants are required to bring all their own hiking/camping materials and acknowledge that they walk at their own risk.

There is very little structure to the walk so that God can work freely amongst participants.

Prior to commencing the walk a Prayer is said aloud to God asking him to supernaturally come fully into the walk and reveal himself to participants.

Tips on how to increase the likelihood of supernatural encounter on the walk are also given. For example: Jesus says in the gospels that anyone who wants to enter the kingdom of heaven must come in a childlike manner.

Tim Crawshaw can assist with any specific needs you may want prayer for during the walk.

You might have a need for:

  • Healing (physical, Mental Or emotional)

  • Breaking off the past to move forward

  • Finding out your true identity in God

  • Learning how to give your burdens over to God

  • Experiencing the presence of God

  • Or something not mentioned here….

Cost for the walk:

There is currently no cost for the Bay of Fires Walk for Spiritual Seekers. It is not a business or tourism operation. participants are welcome to give their choice of blessing in appreciation for the walk at its conclusion but it is not expected. Financial Support can be given through ING Bank Australia. Account name Timothy Crawshaw: BSB 923100 ACC 35416408.

To Enquire about the possibility of a private group walk please contact me.

If you would like to learn more about me or see more photographs of the bay of fires area please visit the Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers website here: